About China Window

CHINA WINDOW Consulting Group was established in 2000 by foreign lawyers with years of experience of practicing and living in China.

OUR GOAL is to provide legal, tax, accounting and market-entry advisory services for international businesses.

At present CHINA WINDOW Consulting Group brings together more than 30 professionals with degrees from universities in several countries and many years of practical experience in Chinese and Hong Kong law, taxation and accounting.

Our companies are licensed to do business in China Mainland and Hong Kong.

Our offices are situated in the key Chinese cities: Beijing, Shanghai, and Hong Kong.

Our longstanding presence in China created an extensive network of Chinese lawyers, accountants and other professionals, as well as contacts in Chinese government agencies.


  • Deep practical knowledge of Chinese legal system and law enforcement practices
  • In-depth understanding of Chinese business environment
  • Fluency in the English, Mandarin Chinese and Russian languages


Legal consultations on matters of Chinese law
  With 15+ years of operating in China our company accumulated both deep experience in operating in China legal field and understanding of China legal system. As a result we can provide legal advice and consultation on a wide range to questions pertaing to legal matters in China

Support for investment projects in China
Through the years of operating in China we have developed a large network of investors and became members of such accosiations as: China Mergers & Acquisitions Association (CMAA), Shanghai Huang Pu district Association of Enterprises with foreign investment, China Venture Capital Association.

Assistance in establishing business presence in China (including Hong Kong), Singapore and other countries
Set-up of foreign-invested enterpries in China has been one of the main services of our company.

There are three forms of Foreig-Invested Entities (FIE) in China:

1.Representative Office (RO) — is a non-legal entity that allows a foreign business to establish presence in China. While RO was the first form of foreign business presence in China, it’s limited scope and status of non-legal entity have rendered this form quite obsolete.

2.Wholly Foreign-Owned Entreprise (WFOE) — is a legal entity with 100% foreign capital.

WFOE allows a foreign investor:

1) Receive payments from Chinese counterparties in RMB.

2) Hire both foreign and Chinese personnel.

3) Act as an exporter/importer.

4) Act as an independent entity.

5) Open bank accounts in China.

6) Register a website hosted in China.

3. Sino-Foreign Join Ventures (JV) — are legal entities with both Chinese and foreign capital.

There are two types of Joint Ventures in China:

1) Equity Joint Ventures.

2) Contract Joint Ventures.

For the most part Joint Ventures are used as investment vehicle in the industries where presence of foreign capital is limited by the Chinese law.  Otherwise it is less advisable then WFOE due to inherent difficulties in balancing Chinese and foreign control and interests.

Design of business models for investment in China
Both new entrants and seasoned veterans of foreign investment in China are always in pursuit of the business model that would allow to operate with maximization of profits remaining in line with effective rules and regulations. We work closely with our clients to design better business models to meet client's goals in China.
Execution of transactions to acquire companies in China
Our company provides services related to restucturing, business merger and aquisition in China both for foreign and domestic companies.

Assistance in litigation, arbitration, and resolving administrative and other disputes
Our company has successfully represented both foreign and foreign-invested companies in China in arbitraton disputes.

Drafting and legal analysis of contracts, agreements and other documents
One of general misconceptions about doing business in China is that it is a unique system where relations of parties are based on oral agreements not written documents, or documents serve as mere additions to well-established «friendship and mutual understanding» of parties. But we strongly recommend make all the agreeents in written form in compliance with relevant laws and regulations. With China being globally ranked the 5th in enforcing contracts it is imperative to protect oneself with properly drafted and signed contract when operating in China. Our company provdes services of drafting and review of contracts, agreements and other documentation on a wide range of subjects.

We provide services for foreign-invested enterprises in obtaining licenses required for conducting certain operations or changing company status, such as import-export licenses and Customs registration, or general (VAT) taxpayer status.

Trade mark registration
Over the years China became infamous with treatment of intellectual property rights of foreign right owners. Still China has developed a legal framework that allows the foreign IP owner to defend its rights both in administrative bodies and in court. Still early trademark registration is a basic preventive measure for IP protection that allows to avoid infringements or fight infringers effectively and at low costs. It is a simple and streamlined procedure that would save significant costs that might occur if one has to deal with a trademark squatter or a devious Chines business partner trying to register its foreign counterpart’s trademark (s) in bad faith.

Assistance in opening bank accounts
For a full operation of any entity registered in China the entity requires a bank accout in a Chinese bank. Our company provides services of assistance in opening accounts in Chinese banksfor both Chinese and foreign entities.

Assistance in setting up offshore companies
We provide service of company set-up in such low-tax and offshore jurisdictions as Singapore, Cyprus, BVI, Samoa, Cayman Islands, Seychelles and other jurisdictions per request.

Secretarial services for Hong Kong and Singapore companies
We provide secretarial services for Hong Kong and Singapore companies.

Accounting, audit and tax services in China (including Hong Kong), Singapore and other countries
China companies, as well as companies in most jurisdcitions are required to organise accounting and report system, pay taxes according to China tax laws and regulations, perform annual audit. We offer a full range of accounting services for foreign-invested enterprises in China  

Tax planning
When chosing a jurisdiction that is most suitable for doing a certain business taxation system and the projected tax burden often are among the first points to consider. We offer out clients services of tax planning that allow our the buisiness to minimize the amount taxes paid while remaining compliant with relevant tax regulations. 

Business liquidation
When an active business model due to micro- or macroeconomic reasons, or changes in the legal framework lead to libertlisaton or strenghtening of government control, ceased to be effective it is often chosen to liquidate the business. Our company provides services of business liquidation allowing the foreign investor to close down the buisenss in legally compliant form.

We provide our clients with reliable information about Chinese and Russian law to help them take better decisions about their businesses and investments in China and Russia.


We believe in social responsibility and actively participate in public projects in China. As Russian expatriates we are especially interested in supporting the Russian community in China. Many of renowned and reputed Russian organizations and projects which were established in China during the last 10 years came to fruition with direct participation of founders of China Window Consulting Group, including:

The founders of CHINA WINDOW Consulting Group are often invited as experts in Chinese law and business to participate in conferences, TV and on-line programmes, podcasts etc.

We consider public and educational work to be an important part of our business and life in China.